EXCLUSIVE: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro/Plus Prototype.

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There has been new leaks of the design schematic images of the alleged iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus or to be called iPhone 7 Pro from @OnLeaksdimensions-iphone-7-630x473

Rumors have suggested that Apple is trying to make this iPhone thinner than previous iPhones. According to the report from Stuff, the iPhone 7 Plus dimensions are very much identical to those of the iPhone 6s Plus, coming at 158.22mm x 77.94mm x 7.3mm.

There are noticeable big changes, including the camera which is much bigger than that of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus. This could confirm rumors that Apple will include a pair of rear lenses for optical zoom and other photography features.  Another change is the headphones jack that seem to be gone, and also there’s a Smart Connector port (Three dots at the back of the phone).

As for the Smart Connector, it’s expected to support a new generation of iPhone accessories. That could include battery packs, camera grips and external speakers, if Apple takes a modular approach like LG did with the G5. It should also make it possible to charge the device if the Lightning port is already being used by your headphones.

We looking forward to these devices.



Via: stuff & technobuffalo


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  • Masilakhe Dyonki

    The biggest issue that I have had with Apple is that they are trying to run the same race which Samsung and Android are running. Apple is a marathon runner, which used to be a game changer in the glory days of Steve Jobs. Now that Tim Cook is in charge, he is trying to turn Apple into a sprinter, which compromises the integrity of Apple, with regards to their former trademark reputation as the lead innovator. My suggestion is that Apple should return to their old style, by taking time to develop their technology accordingly.

    Releasing a new handset every year deprives the Apple faithful off the reward of anticipation, as the features of the latest handset are broadly similar to those of the previous year. They have payed too much attention to financial figures. The biggest disappointment of them all is that Apple has shifted from being an innovative giant to a sit-up-and-beg fashion accessory, which I am sure makes Steve Jobs turn in his grave.

    If Apple continues with the path that they have taken, they will surely, in the not so far future, find themselves in the same predicament which Blackberry is facing right now.