About Us

Founded in March, 2015. MobileTok (Pty) Ltd. Is a black owned company. MobileTok (Pty) Ltd. a reviewing company for mobile gadgets and smartphones. We are contributing to the growth of mobile gadgets and smartphones industry. We are a powerful link between makers and end-users on the smartphones and mobile devises. We create forums for consumer to share their thoughts on latest technology of mobile gadgets and smartphones. We discus about trends on mobile technology and industry.

A team of Technology addicts that we are, brought together by our common zeal for technology in mobile gadgets and smartphones, hereupon wish to share with you our enthusiasm “. Gadgets, technology, the internet and more! This is MobileTok! The first and only techie podcast from South Africa! Welcome to MobileTok (Pty) Ltd.


We have the vision to be the number one techreivew company in South Africa for mobile gadgets and smartphones. We see ourselves being a the most requested gadget advisor in South Africa.

Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Quality customer care
  • Integrity


We aim to satisfy end-users with transparent reviews. We aim to be reliable to end-users. We aim to help end-user gets the maxim experience with their mobile gadgets and smartphones. We aim give feedback to and from end-users and makers of mobile gadget and smartphones. We are determined to contributing positively to the growth of the market of the mobile gadgets and smartphone industry.